Ben Yep

Creative Director and Chief Designer
Established in 1988, “BEN YEP DESIGNS” is one of prestigious jewelry brands in the New York, USA. The founder, MR. BEN YEP is a Chinese American and working in the luxury jewelry industry for over 40 years.     
Mr. Ben Yep has started his designing career at the age of 17 at the Big City Jewellery Hong Kong in 1977. Due to his talented designs, it didn’t go unnoticed and was sent to design for the big clients such as Denis Hazel, King Fook, Town & Country and Adler Jewellery.
In 1984, he realized that in order to further his career, he should enhance more knowledge in this industry. He has decided to leave Hong Kong and headed to United States to study at Gemological Institute of America for design, gold smith and gemologist. 
Graduated with the degree in GG in 1986, he was right away hired by Tiffany & Co USA as a Designer and Diamond Appraiser. He was the only Chinese Americans, worked as a Designer and Appraiser at that moment.
In 1988, MR. YEP has left his post in Tiffany & Co. and established his own workshop from design to jewelry, located at one of the biggest jewelry market in the world right in midtown Manhattan. He has built his business from a small workshop to become one of the biggest companies today. He was not only targeted on supplying the jewelries to the top 20 largest retail chain stores in USA, but he was also focused on the haute couture jewelry and serving for the famous people of the Wall Street; famous singers, movie stars and celebrities around the world.
Since 2002, he has moved back to Hong Kong to explore the China market while utilizing the cheaper labor cost to produce the jewelry to his company in USA. Cutting down the manufacturing facility completely in midtown Manhattan and move to the office of 20,000 sqft on 5th avenue to service the top 20 largest chain stores in USA.
Today his reputation is not only known in the USA but he is also recognized by the second largest jewelry market in the world, China for his designs and his contribution to the jewelry industry.